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Hi!  I'm Coach Lynn...Glad you found me!

Mother - Olympic Medalist - Coach - Entrepreneur

Every day is a New Adventure:)

It's early morning...I enjoy a nice cuppa java, then head out for a run...the perfect start to what I know will be a great day... You can do it too!

Video Hello - I'm so glad you found me!

Podcast: Canada's Greatest Female Distance Runner

Canadian Running Magazine January 2021

My Story as told by the Saskatchewan Sports Hall of Fame - June 19, 2020

Olympic Athletic Career Highlights  


"Life's limitations are only those you accept."  

I'm a small town girl originally from Regina Saskatchewan... and I never imagined I'd stand on an Olympic Podium...

Life is full of surprises and if you listen to your heart and follow your passion then good things happen. In the running world I am perhaps best known for my Olympic Bronze medal performance over 3km at the LA Olympic Games in 1984, when all eyes were on the American sweetheart Mary Decker, who collided with a bare-footed South African girl named Zola Budd. The American never finished the race, and the "little Saskatchewan Girl" stayed tough won that Bronze medal.  I raced around the world, won Gold and Bronze at the Commonwealth Games, Bronze at World Championships in Cross Country, and held every Canadian record for middle distance from 1000m - 10K on the roads. In fact I still hold the 10K  Canadian record for on the roads - held it since 1985. I’ve enjoyed off shoots of my running career in my professional life as a business owner, television analyst, event coordinator, motivational speaker, personal, corporate and performance athletics coach. My passion for over 30 years has been to inspire people of all ages and ability levels through physical fitness; to take steps toward better health, achieve personal goals, and be active and happy.

I’m most proud to say I have 4 Olympic Gold Medals in raising 4 children!

It's music to my ears when we are all together and one of them says "Hey Mom... do you want to go for a run?" Life is good:)

It’s about time I shared my expertise online, beginning with WalkRun101- A LearnToRun Program I KNOW you can do... 

Thanks for joining me - I promise I'll get you to your Finish Line!

VIDEO WELCOME: I'm glad you found me!

Olympic Athletic Career Highlights


My Story - as told by the Saskatchewan Hall of Fame

June 19, 2020

(I couldn't have told it better myself - thank-you to the Sports Hall in my Home Town!)


Coach Lynn


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