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Mother. Olympic medalist.
Coach. Entrepreneur. 

Hi! I'm Lynn.

I'm a small town girl from Regina, Saskatchewan... and I never dreamed I'd end up on an Olympic podium! Life is full of surprises. I truly believe that if you listen to your heart and follow your passion – good things will happen. 

See my Olympic story

as told by the Saskatchewan
Sports Hall of Fame

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As a runner...

I've raced all over the world. I've won medals at the Olympics, Commonwealth Games, and World Championships. I've held every Canadian middle distance running record. But I'm most proud to say I have 4 Gold Medals in raising four children!


Episode 288

Canada's Greatest Female
Distance Runner

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In my professional life...

I’ve enjoyed off-shoots of my running career as a business owner, television analyst, event coordinator, motivational speaker, and personal, corporate and performance athletics coach.

Sport BC's 2019

Female Coach of the Year

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My passion...

For over 30 years has been to inspire people of all ages and ability levels through physical fitness; to take steps toward better health, achieve personal goals, and be active and happy.

It's about time I share my expertise online, and that's what prompted me to create my running programs. I invite you to try one out! No matter what your goals are, I'll get you to your finish line.

Try one of my running programs 

They're free!

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