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Half Marathon
Pace Chart

As you progress through any program and become more confident and comfortable with the run/walk combinations, it can be motivating to monitor your run/walk pace. Using the pace chart below, it's easy to establish how long it will take you to complete the Half Marathon distance.


The pace chart is simple to use if you recorded how long it took to complete your longer runs – simply take your time from a recent long run to estimate your pace per mile or kilometre.  If you want to estimate your approximate event finishing time, use the chart by finding your pace per mile or km on your training runs to extrapolate the finishing time for a Half Marathon. 


Keep in mind that you've been improving and doing more running every week, so your pace will change over the months of training.  Also, it’s a good idea for beginning distance runners to add 5-10 minutes to their estimated Half Marathon finishing time.

Good stuff! You're all set.

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