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A feel-good introduction to running and moving your body.

Learn to Run

Who it's for

New to running? Been a while? Recovering from injury? If you're looking for some guidance getting off the ground, you're in the right place.

What to expect

A personal 10-week program to help you avoid common mistakes and get moving in a way that feels good for you.

What you'll achieve

  • Gain confidence in how you move your body

  • Learn to establish a rhythm that feels right for you

  • Develop a consistent routine

  • Complete a 5K walk-run with ease

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This program was recently featured in Impact Magazine.

Your Program Schedule

Week 1
Making a Start

Week 2
On Your Way

Week 3

Week 4
Rest & Recovery

Week 5
Back to Building

Week 6
Over Halfway

Week 7
Be True to You

Week 8
The Magical

Week 9
You're a Runner!

 Week 10
You Made it!
5K Finish

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