RunEasy101-WEEK 1

Make a Start

"Winning means you're doing better than you've ever done before." - Bonnie Blair, Olympic Gold speed skating

Did you already successfully complete the LearnToRun program? Are you comfortable running 3 times per week for at least 30 min. using combinations of running and walking? Then this is the program for you! 

  • Take your time – don’t be rushed - feeling like you'd like to do more...

  • One week at a time (don't jump ahead!) and both body and mind will adjust to more efficient running..

  • You’ll have success and build a foundation for more...

  • It's easy if you stick to the program and advice... 

  • Reminder! This is NOT a LearnToRun program ok? If you've not been doing any running then the impact will be too much for you... Please opt for LearnToRun101and your experience will be a good one:)

For Advice on Technique, Pacing for Brisk Intervals and more, please read Detailed Coaching Advice.

Smiles and have a great week!

Coach Lynn


Here we go! Decide on your 3 work-out days...

Most people want to do too much too fast too soon.  Be sure to include a Dynamic Warm-up(VIDEO TIP) along with your 10 min. walking start, as well as Static Stretches(VIDEO TIP) after your 10 min. walk in Cool-down. Be patient ok?  Please don't jump ahead... complete one week at a time.

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Sporty Girl

Day 1

Make a Start: Include a Dynamic Warm-up and Static Stretch Cool-down.

Warm-up: Walk comfortably for 5 min. Run easy peezy (shuffle) 4 min. Then walk 1 min. Include dynamic stretches.

Work-out: *Brisk Run 1 min. Recovery Walk/Run 2 min. as you feel. Do this combination 10 times.

Cool-down: Walk/Run 10 min. as you feel. *At this stage you may do Walk 1 min. Shuffle 1 min. or you may feel you'd like to walk the entire 10 min. FYI the workout is done. This is a cool-down and all you need to do is MOVE:) Finish with static stretches.

Total Time: 50 min.

Pace Guideline: Brisk running means you increase your pace to slightly above a talking pace. Ie. You should be able to string a simple sentence together without being out of breath, but this is not meant to be a full-on easy conversation.  Anymore than a sentence and you're going too slow... any less and you're going too fast.) This is takes practice to figure out. Recovery Walk/Run also takes practice. The idea is you feel recovered for your next brisk interval. Maybe start with 1 min. walk and 1 min. easy shuffle-run for your 2 min. recovery.


Day 2

Spread your sessions out! ie. M-W-Sat or T-Th-Sun

Warm-up: Walk slow & easy 5 min. Include dynamic stretches.

Work-out: Run easy peezy 20 min. with 3 min. talking-pace running alternated with 1 min. walking.

Cool-down: Walk slow & easy 5 min. Finish with static stretches. 

Total Time: 30 min.              


Day 3

Remember – you should always feel like you could do more. (But don't:)

Warm-up: Walk slow & easy 5 minutes. Include dynamic stretches.

Work-out: Run 30 minutes alternating 4 min. of easy talking-pace running with 1 min. of walking.

Cool-down: Walk slow & easy 10 minutes. Finish with static stretches.

Total Time: 40 min.


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