WalkRun101: LearnToRun

YOU are a beginner runner!

Is this you?

  • I've never run before

  • I used to run

  • I started to run but already it's too hard

Most people do too much too fast too soon...

Let's get started - Week 1 LearnToRun here we go!

Running Shoes
Couple Running

Week 1 - Make a Start

Week 2 - On Your Way

Sunset Run
Going for a Run

Week 3 - Building

Week 4 - Rest & Recovery

GIrl Running
Girl Running by the Sea

Week 5 - Back to Building

Week 6 - Over Halfway

Group Running
Couple Running

Week 7 - Be honest with yourself

Week 8 - Magical "10-and-1's"

Women Running Outdoors
Finishing Line

Week 9 - You have "arrived" as a Runner!

Week 10-Event Week 5K - WooHooo You made it!


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