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Find your rhythm with an intermediate program to suit any style.

Run Easy

Who it's for

If you run a little bit, sometimes hit the treadmill in the gym, or have already completed Learn to Run – this program is for you!

What to expect

A personal 8-week program to help you get comfortable running more often and enjoying it at a pace that's right for you.

What you'll achieve

  • Become an avid runner

  • Get comfortable running at a social level

  • Find your rhythm

  • Run more than you walk for 5K or more

Your Program Schedule

Week 1
Making a Start

Week 2
On Your Way

Week 3
Stay With It

Week 4
Rest & Recovery

Week 5
Back to Building

Week 6
Speed Play & 

Week 7
Bread & Butter

Week 8
You Made it!

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