RunEasy101-WEEK 3
Detailed Coaching Advice

Big Week - Stay with it!

“An athlete cannot run with money in his pockets. He must run with hope in his heart and dreams in his head.   – Emil Zatopek/Czech Running Legend/1952 Helsinki Olympics 3 Gold Medals: 5K-10K-Marathon

Woo Hoo this is a big week! The amount of running vs walking will increase as will your efforts on your brisk intervals... So stay with it and complete all 3 sessions each week. If you don't manage to "do your homework" then your body will not experience the gains in fitness and these increases will become a struggle. That's no fun and you'll risk injury.

A few gentle reminders:

1.    It's very important to find time for all 3 sessions each week.  The program progresses as the weeks go by, and in order to be successful you need to do your “homework”.

2.    Keep a record of your progress in your day-planner or on the kitchen calendar or better still buy yourself a special training logbook dedicated to your program. Include things like how you felt, time of day, unusual life circumstances, anything that might affect your sessions.  It will help with injury prevention as well as help you understand yourself as you adjust to a new program.

3.    Make sure you understand that a proper warm-up and cool-down will help prevent unnecessary aches and pains.  Make sure you are including dynamic stretching and flexibility exercises during your warm-up and static stretching for flexibility after your workout as part of your cool-down. 

DETAILED Coaching Advice:


Why do we do "brisk intervals?" Why can't I just run steady? (You can...but then you're not as likely to improve your rhythm and fitness as effectively). Interval training is a combination of increased effort and recovery periods... This week we are doing 2 minute efforts with 2 minute recoveries. In order to increase your body's capacity to carry oxygen to where it' needed and to improve your muscle endurance, you need to work a bit to elevate your heart rate and muscular effort. The result will be to teach your body and mind to run briskly, so that ultimately when you settle back down to your own personal (talking) pace you will be more comfortable and relaxed. 

*Plus the intervals add some variety to your training and helps prevent overuse injuries because you change the way your body makes contact with the ground.

Careful not to start too fast on your brisk intervals.  It's not a sprint. Always try to think "progressive"... ie. Start easier and try to finish stronger... just above a talking pace. You should be running fast enough such that you need the 2-minute recovery, but you are not huffin' and puffin' like you are in a sprint. It's a longer steady effort and you should always feel like you could do more. The 2-minute efforts this week may seem long because you're not used to interval training, but I can assure you it helps to focus on your arm action. Pump those arms forward and back during those intervals and your legs will follow. Relax and slow your arm action, and your pace will ease off comfortably as you recover. It takes time to learn what you can handle.


WEEK 3 RunEasy Workouts-SCROLL DOWN

When you manage to complete all 3 sessions this week... that'll be awesome... you'll then be ready for Week 4 - Rest and Recovery.  

Smiles and have a great week!

Coach Lynn


Stay with it - Stick to your 3 work-out days...

Be sure to include a Dynamic Warm-up(VIDEO TIP)  as well as Static Stretches(VIDEO TIP)  in Cool-down. 

Woman Tying her Shoelaces
Sporty Girl

Day 1

Make a Start: Include a Dynamic Warm-up and Static Stretch Cool-down.

Warm-up: Walk comfortably for 5 min. Run easy peezy (shuffle) 4 min. Then walk 1 min. Include dynamic stretches.

Work-out: Brisk Run 2 min. Recovery Walk/Run 2 min. as you feel. Do this combination 6 times.

Cool-down: Walk/Run 10 min. as you feel. *At this stage you may stay with Walk 1 min. Shuffle 1 min. or you may feel you'd like to walk the entire 10 min. FYI the workout is done. This is a cool-down and all you need to do is MOVE:) Finish with static stretches.

Total Time: 44 min.

Pace Guideline: Brisk running means just above a talking pace. Ie. You should be able to string a simple sentence together without being out of breath, but if it's a full-on conversation then you could probably pick up the pace a bit!


Day 2

Easiest day of the week - Stay with it!  No more and no less ok?

Warm-up: Walk slow & easy 5 min. Include dynamic stretches.

Work-out: Run 28 min. Alternate 6 minutes of running with 1 min. walking.

Cool-down: Walk slow & easy 5 min. Finish with static stretches. 

Total Time: 38 min.              


Day 3

Moderate Day - Remember – you should always feel like you could do more. (But don't:)

Warm-up: Walk slow & easy 5 minutes. Include dynamic stretches.

Work-out: Run 27 minutes alternating 8 min. of easy talking-pace running with 1 min. of walking.

Cool-down: Walk slow & easy 5 minutes. Finish with static stretches.

Total Time: 37 min.


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