RunEasy101-WEEK 8
Detailed Coaching Advice

Woo Hooooo you made it to your Best 5K (and more) :)

"Every person needs to have their moment in the sun...When they raise their arms in victory, knowing that on this day, at this hour, they were at their very best."

-H. Jackson Brown, Jr.


THIS IS IT – Woo Hoooooo – you are ready to complete a 5K comfortably – fully – completely (and the truth is you could run further if you wanted to!

DETAILED Coaching Advice:  I hope you are feeling pretty darn proud of yourself😊 You have come soooo far since week #1!  You’ve found your rhythm at your comfortable “talking pace” where you are NOT huffin’ and puffin’ and you are relaxed when you run. You have learned to take your pace up a notch to what we call “brisk” – it is a personal pace you are in control of… and it’s just a little bit faster than your talking pace. You are now able to adjust this pace according to what you are feeling, and according to how long the interval is.  And  this “brisk” pace ultimately allows your “talking” pace to feel more comfortable.  You are learning about yourself and what you feel in your body, and your confidence has grown hugely since your first session. Ultimately it’s my hope your progression has been gradual in a way that you can hardly remember what it was like NOT to be comfortable, and your truly look forward to your workouts 3 times per week.

Caution - There can be a tendency to be over-confident! Be careful – it’s so easy to add more time or to run a little too fast for yourself. Stay with the program ok?  Progress to the next stage if you’d like to RunStronger. Or simply repeat this program and enjoy how good it feels.  That will be your decision NEXT week!

This week: Your interval session will feel easy and fun:  Just nice 1-minute brisk intervals to remind you how you’ve learned to pump those arms and turn those legs over a little quicker  Careful not to go too fast for yourself – it’s not a sprint.  And there is only *1 minute of walking recovery – Enjoy it! These 1 min. intervals will help your legs with a nice brisk turnover and leave them fresh for completing a 5K Event (virtual) if you’d like to test yourself this week.

BONUS COACHING VIDEO: Arms are everything! (This was a tip I did for a group preparing for an event called the Hospitality Hustle, but the content is relevant for attention to your arm swing...)

BONUS COACHING VIDEO: Reminder to help you how to learn to run faster - it's in your rhythm. (Even if you watched this one last week this tip needs to be one you tap into whenever you try to run faster...)

Event Day 5K! I encourage you to mark out a nice 5K for yourself and you'll be amazed how far you've come!  Give it a go and establish your "benchmark" - a time for yourself that you can be proud of and use as a basis of comparison for events you may do in the future.

Careful not to start too fast ok? Download a GPS app if you’d like to measure exactly 5K. (I like RunGo – it’s easy) But there are many: Strava, Map My Run, RunKeeper...) These apps keep track of distance, pace, route and more... it's fun!

Your goal:  Simply to find the rhythm you have been able to find in your workouts. You are ready to safely and comfortably complete your 5K, either running it steady without stopping, or with personal combinations of walking and running as you feel!  You should have great confidence in your preparation.  

The hard work is done and it’s time for a little tester.  It’s all personal and you are prepared, knowing you have made amazing strides in improving your fitness.

What's Next? If you enjoyed the WalkRun combinations and progressions in this program, then simply repeat it! It's designed to be cyclical, and this time your starting point will be much different from last time, therefore you will reach a more confident efficient place by repeating it.

If you feel you'd like to progress with more running and stronger efforts, then choose to try the RunStrong101 Program on this website. It will be familiar in pattern, but ask just a little bit more of you in terms of volume and effort.

It has been my pleasure to guide you these last 8 weeks… Whatever you decide, please don't let your newfound fitness go... Stay with it... and do let me know how you're doing!  If ever you'd like personal coaching to reach a level beyond the scope of these WalkRun101 programs, please know I'd be happy to help you.

Smiles and all the best,

Coach Lynn


You are ready to run your Best 5K and 10K (if you've been completing the extra volume...)

As always, be sure to include a Dynamic Warm-up(VIDEO TIP)  as well as Static Stretches(VIDEO TIP)  in Cool-down. Otherwise you'll risk injury, even though you are comfortable with your running now...

Woman Tying her Shoelaces
Sporty Girl

Day 1

Typically the toughest session of the week. But this week is Event Week so we are just "ticking over" so you will feel at your best for your 5K Event Day!

Warm-up: Walk comfortably 5 min. (You might be ready now to skip the 5 min. walk and go right to an easy 10 minute shuffle warm-up?) Include dynamic stretches before you start your workout. Run 10 minutes easy peezy. Take a few extra minutes to stretch and find your focus before you begin your workout if you need to.

Work-out: Light Intervals 

1 min. Brisk Run followed by a 2 min. slow & easy Recovery RunWalk as you feel.

Do this above combination 8 times.

*Reminder: The purpose in your 2 min. recovery is to do what you need to feel recovered before you start your next interval and what's important is the contrast in your brisk effort interval vs the recovery interval. Just enjoy this session with only light 1 minute brisk intervals.

Cool-down: Run 10 min. easy peezy or do any WalkRun combination as you feel. It's all about how you feel and you should enjoy your cool-down. If it is somehow difficult, then either slow down or do more walking. Finish with static stretches.

Total Time: 44 min.


Day 2

Easiest day of the week - Stay with it!  No more and no less ok?

Warm-up: Walk comfortably for 5 minutes. Include dynamic stretches. 

Work-out: Run 20 min. steady OR alternate 10-and-ones twice or any combination as you feel. *This is meant to be a super easy day before your Event Day 5K. 

Cool-down: Walk comfortably for 5 minutes. Finish with static stretches.

Total Time: 30 minutes - We are resting today so try not to do more - You want to feel at your Best for your 5K!


Day 3

Event Day 5K - Woo Hoooo!

This is it - Event Day 5K!

Don't forget to do your usual Dynamic Warm-up before you start your 5K... Have fun!  And afterwards make sure you walk comfortably for at least 5 minutes in Cool-down and STRETCH afterwards.  Good luck!


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