RunEasy101-WEEK 5

Back to Work - Time to think about your Technique:)

"Running is the greatest metaphor for life, because you get out of it what you put into it." - Oprah Winfrey


We are back to building again: Volume is Up!  That means the number of minutes you are running is progressing, and so is the quality of your running...

This week's Detailed Coaching Advice:

  • Tips on pacing, rhythm and turnover.

  • Cross Training resources if you are experiencing any aches or discomforts that do not seem to be going away...

Cross Training Q & A Article here:
Deep Water Running ie. Staying afloat in deep water utilizing a running action:

Deep Water Running Article Here

Smiles and have a great week! 

Coach Lynn


Back to Building and starting to think about your Technique - No strain: Quick arms for faster turnover... think "light on your feet." Have fun!

As always, be sure to include a Dynamic Warm-up(VIDEO TIP)  as well as Static Stretches(VIDEO TIP)  in Cool-down. Otherwise you'll risk injury, even though you are comfortable with your running now...

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Day 1

Typically the toughest session of the week. Volume is high and this session includes your brisk interval training.

Warm-up: Walk comfortably for 5 min. with dynamic stretches. Run 4 minutes. Walk 1 minute.

Work-out: 3 minute brisk run followed by a 2 min. walk/run recovery as you feel. Do this 5 times. (Reminder for the walk/run recovery - this is personal. You may choose to walk 1 min. and shuffle 1 min. or now it may be that you only need to walk until you feel ready to shuffle again in recovery mode. The purpose is to do what you need to feel recovered before you start your next 3 minute interval and what's important is the contrast in your brisk effort interval vs the recovery interval.)

Cool-down: Walk/Run 10 min. any combination as you feel.  This may mean you shuffle jog all or only part of this 10 minutes. You can walk a minute/run a minute or even walk the entire 10 minutes. It's all about how you feel. Finish with static stretches.

Total Time: 45 min.


Day 2

Easiest day of the week - Stay with it!  No more and no less ok?

Warm-up: Walk comfortably for 5 min. Include dynamic stretches.

Work-out: Run 27-36 min. Alternate 8 minutes of running with 1 min. walking. *We are growing those running minutes!

Cool-down: Walk comfortably for 5 min. Finish with static stretches. 

Total Time: 37-46 min. 

*You'll notice the option for more volume. If you are completing this program for the first time please choose the lesser volume!            


Day 3

Moderate Day - Remember – you should always feel like you could do more. (But don't:)

Warm-up: Walk comfortably for 5 minutes. Include dynamic stretches. 

Work-out: Run 36-42 minutes alternating 5 min. of easy talking-pace running with 1 min. of walking.

Cool-down: Walk comfortably for 5 minutes. Finish with static stretches.

Total Time: 46-52 min.


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