RunStrong101-WEEK 8

THIS IS IT – Woo Hoooooo – you are ready to complete 5K (or 10K if you’ve been doing the added optional volume…) more comfortably and efficiently than you ever have before… and for many of you that will mean FASTER than you ever have before!

“If winning were easy, everyone would do it” . Kim Doren and Charlie Jones

"When you put your best foot forward...with anything...You are a Winner."  Coach Lynn  Be proud of your efforts and simply enjoy the journey of feeling good in the moment and reveling in your ability to move your body in the most natural way...putting one foot forward... and then the next...and the next... it's sounds simple but it's not... and you've done it!


I hope you are feeling VERY good about yourself😊You are now more efficient when you run: You KNOW your rhythm now at a comfortable “talking pace". You have learned what it means to move quicker in those brisk intervals, and you have learned to find a personal pace you are in control of.  

Training this week:  Volume is less and your interval session should feel easy and fun so that you will be ready for your Event Day. Just nice 1-minute brisk intervals to remind you how you’ve learned to use your arms to increase your turnover, and run faster for yourself “without strain.” 

Event Day advice: Careful not to start too fast ok? Download a GPS app if you’d like to measure exactly 5K (or 10K if you’ve been completing the longer volumes). (I like RunGo – it’s easy)

What’s Next? Repeat RunStrong101 - Your starting point is never the same.

Return to RunEasy101 if you'd like to do a little less, and then cycle back to RunStrong101. 

If you’d like to consider the Half Marathon (Wow!) Stay tuned – I’ll be loading my training programs soon:) 

Congratulations! It has been my pleasure to guide you these last 8 weeks… please let me know how it goes! You can reach me for advice and consultation at

Big Smiles as always,

Coach Lynn


Week 8 - Time for a Benchmark 5K or 10K... Enjoy how fit and efficient you have become... and have fun marking out a 5K or 10K and finding out how far you have come in your fitness:)

An easier week in store here... A familiar Interval session to boost your confidence... an easy recovery run, and then a tester over your choice distance...have fun and congratulations on your personal journey... remember it truly is your own and you can be proud of all your hard work these 8 weeks:)

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Day 1

A Familiar session just to build confidence and generate some nice comfortable turnover in the legs.  Meant to feel easy and enjoyable. No strain!  Stay comfortable ok?

Warm-up: Run slow and easy 10 minutes. Include your dynamic stretches. 


1 min. Brisk Run - 1 min. easy peezy recovery run as you feel. Feel free to walk a bit after each interval and “ease” into your run recovery.

*Repeat this combination 5 times for 5K prep…8 times for 10K prep.

Cool-down: Run 10 min. easy peezy or do any WalkRun combination as you feel.  Finish with static stretches.

Total Time: 30-36 min.


Day 2

Easiest Day of the Week - Always a recovery from Day 1... But we are "resting" today and readying ourselves for your effort on your next session... so keep it light - the work is done!

Warm-up: Run slow & easy for 5 minutes. Include dynamic stretches. 

Work-out: Run 20-30 min. steady and comfortable as you feel (OR alternate 10-and-ones 2 or 3 times through as you feel.) *This is meant to be an easy recovery day as always. *Choose less volume if you are preparing for the 5K distance or you are new to the program. Choose the longer option if you are preparing for 10K or are already running with experience and are used to this volume. "Less is more! We want you to feel rested for your benchmark 5 or 10K:)

Cool-down: Run slow & easy for 5 minutes. Finish with static stretches.

Total Time: 30-40 minutes 


Day 3

Woo Hooooo! A chance to check out your fitness over 5 or 10K... go for it and have fun - you've earned it! And if you don't feel like an actual event distance, then make it your own, and simply revel in your progress and have a good hard run over the distance you choose... it's YOUR journey:)

Warm-up: Run slow & easy for 5 minutes. Include dynamic stretches. 

Work-out: This is it!  Good luck with your event! 5 or 10K

*Don’t forget to warm-up with a run for at least 5-10 minutes and to do your dynamic stretches before you start your Event – just as you do for your workouts… Have fun!

*And if you'd just like to have a good workout without a measure... that's up to you... it's YOUR journey. So today it would make sense for those opting for lesser distance to run 30 minutes, and those opting for the longer 10K (ish) distance to run for 60 minutes. 

Have fun - Be proud you've come this far... (I'd love to hear from you!)

Cool-down: Run slow & easy for 5 minutes. Finish with static stretches. *And treat yourself to a nice bath and stretch and DEFINITELY a good meal afterwards:)

Total Time: 50-70 minutes 


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