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"It's early morning... I have my cuppa java...then head out for an easy run... the perfect start to what I know will be a great day... I know you can do it too!"

Running Programs, Coaching Advice and Video Tips for all ability levels.

Sunset Run

“Your only limits are those that you place upon yourself”



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Is this you?

  • You've never run before

  • You used to run

  • You started to run but it was too hard

  • Maybe you've been injured and want to be healthy and run again but need some guidance

Most people do too much too fast too soon... Let's get started!



Is this you?

  • You run a little... not quite a beginner

  • You run on a treadmill at the gym

  • You may have completed LearnToRun101

  • You enjoy a combination of walking and running 

  • You'd like to run more

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Sunset Run

Is this you?

  • You're an avid runner

  • You run at least 30 minutes steady 3 times per week

  • You may like to run alternating "10-and-ones" (10 minutes of running alternated with 1 minute of walking)

  • You may have completed RunEasy101

  • You'd like to be more efficient, stronger, faster

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