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Running Coach Lynn

Training Programs

Learn to run with an Olympian

in a way that's right for you.

learn to run with an Olympian


Learn to Run

A feel-good introduction to running and moving your body.

Vancouver running group


Run Easy

Find your rhythm with an intermediate program to suit any style.

Canadian Olympian Natasha Wodak


Run Strong

Learn to run confidently to your heart's content. The sky's the limit!

Run Programs

Get started at your own pace

10 Week Program

Level up your run and get ready to complete the 21.1km distance.


10 Week Program

Prepare your mind, body and spirit to run the 42.1km distance. You got this!


Coming Soon

16 Week Program

Combine swimming, cycling and running in this beginner-friendly program.


Train for a race

Looking for a bigger commitment?

Hi! I'm Lynn.

I'm an Olympic Medalist turned coach, and I'm excited to share my passion for running with you.

Meet Your Coach

Lynn Kanuka 1988 Seoul Summer Olympics
Running Coach Lynn Kanuka
Running Coach Lynn Kanuka and runner
Lynn Kanuka running


Vancouver Sun Run Warm Up

Something for Everyone

warming up for a run

Easy to Follow

celebrating with a friend

Free to use

improveyour runand havesome fun


What People Are Saying

"Coach Lynn’s programs gave me the motivation and detail needed to improve my running ability. After completing both Run Easy and Run Strong, I now feel comfortable and confident running, and I am more motivated than I have ever been to continue to improve. These programs are easy to understand and follow while being enjoyable! Thanks Coach Lynn!!"

Alice Milne

North Vancouver, BC

"Coach Lynn is the most patient, talented, qualified-to-the-moon, humble, awe-inspiring coach and person I have ever known.  Without her, I would never have found my little walk jog love....and my favourite remains 1 and 1!"

Laureen Brown

Caesarea, Ontario

"Canada's greatest distance runner."

Paul Gains

Canadian Running Magazine

"Coach Lynn's light-hearted, positive and relaxed manner was just what I needed, as I had a tendency to over-train, run myself down, and end up frustrated and discouraged. She coaches the “whole person”, not just the competitive athlete and this made a huge difference to my running and my mindset towards it. This mindset change has stuck with me and made all the difference to my love of the sport and my longevity with it."

Corinne Issel

Surrey, BC

"After ACL surgery I was hesitant to start running again. Coach Lynn provided a safe yet challenging way to build my fitness post surgery. I now follow all of her running programs and always look forward to my weekly workouts! "

Bronwyn Walton

Denver, Colorado

"I am a senior triathlete and have sought Lynn’s help assessing and fine-tuning my running skills. Our time working together in the last couple of years has been fun and uplifting, and I feel so blessed to have this Canadian Olympian make the time to share her knowledge and expertise with me in such a kind and encouraging way. And, oh yes, the results have been amazing!"

Barbara Binns

Surrey, BC

"Lynn Kanuka is inspiring! Her instruction makes logical sense, keeps me disciplined, and provides flexibility and confidence in my training. "

Kerri Carlson

Powell River, BC

"I've now completed both Run Easy and Run Strong a few times and I've never felt better! I went from running once every 3 to 4 weeks to being confident running longer distances multiple times a week with Coach Lynn's easy to follow programs. Thanks to her I have renewed my love of running!"

Alex Bill

North Vancouver, BC

"In 2017, my first year as a participant in the SportMed Sun Run InTraining program, I was introduced to Lynn through her enthusiastic, informative, and motivating weekly run videos. I have since had the good fortune of becoming a run leader with the InTraining program and have attended Lynn’s in-person leader training sessions. She brings a wealth of experience in a style that is fun and easy to follow. Lynn also helped me get back to running following a severe ankle sprain in the spring of 2020. Thank you, Lynn, your assistance is most appreciated!"

Tim Northup

Surrey, BC

Race Competition in Nature

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For general inquiries and questions specific to running, send me a note! I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

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