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Try one of my 3 running programs – there's something for everyone. From the total beginner to the more experienced runner, you'll come away learning something new and feeling more confident and able when you walk or run. 

Run Training Programs

Learn to Run

A feel-good introduction to running and moving your body for any level.

Run Easy

Find your rhythm with an intermediate program to suit any style.

Run Strong

Learn to run to your heart's content. Sky's the limit with this advanced program.

Try one of my training programs designed specifically to help you prepare for an event or competition. 

Train for a Competition


A 10-week program to prepare your mind, body and spirit to run 21.1km.


A 10-week program to prepare for running the full marathon distance of 42.1km (26.2 miles).

Coming Soon

Sprint Triathlon

A 16-week program to get ready for the swim, bike and run components of a sprint triathlon.

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