Running Programs

WalkRun101: It's easy - Just choose the right program...

Running is personal... Be honest about your fitness level and starting point so that your journey will be right for you.

WalkRun101: LearnToRun

YOU are a beginner runner!

Is this you?

  • I've never run before

  • I used to run

  • I started to run but already it's too hard

Most people do too much too fast too soon...

Let's get started!

Woman Tying her Shoelaces
Women Running Outdoors

WalkRun101: RunEasy

YOU run a little... not quite a beginner

Is this you?

  • You run at the gym on a treadmill

  • You may have completed LearnToRun

  • You enjoy a combination of walking and running but would like to do more

Let's get started!

WalkRun101: RunStrong

YOU are an avid runner

Is this you?

  • You comfortably run for at least 30 min. 3 times per week

  • You may have completed RunSocial

  • You'd like to be more efficient, stronger, faster

Let's get started!

Man running with bridge in background

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