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Half Marathon

Week 6

Your Weekly

Workout Schedule

  • Change-of-Pace Intervals

    Total time: 50 minutes



    • 5 min. Brisk Run + 2 min. Recovery Walk/Run

    • 3 min. Brisk Run + 2 min. Recovery Walk/Run

    • 1 min. Brisk Run + 2 min. Recovery Walk/Run

    • Do this 2 times


  • Rest & Mobility

    Rest, stretch or do yoga.

  • Easy Run

    Total time: 60 minutes



    • Run 50 minutes as you feel


  • Hill Run

    Total time: 30 minutes



    • Find a gradual hill, around 75m in length

    • Run half-way up, recovery jog back down

    • Run the whole way up, jog back down

    • Repeat this pattern for 10 minutes



    More About Hill Runs

    Including hill runs in your training is a great way to build the stamina needed to complete the Half Marathon Distance.

    Here's how:
    • Lean slightly into the hill

    • Keep your abs and back strong

    • Focus your attention just a few feet in front of you

    • Shorten your arm swing and consciously pump those arms – as always the arms dictate your turnover and pace

    • Shorten your leg stride with small, quick steps

    • Land on the balls of your feet and consciously lift your knees as quickly as possible when your foot touches the ground

    • Be patient. One step at at time. Regardless of whether you run or walk up, getting to the top is a great confidence booster.

  • Freedom Friday

    Take the day off.