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Going Beyond
the Frame

Learn to Run

Week 7

Be True to You

"Believing in yourself is everything. If you don't believe in what you can do,
it's almost impossible to achieve it."

Silvie Bernier, Olympic Gold Medalist in diving

The Weekly Preamble

Notes, techniques and quick tips to help you feel your best and get the most out of your runs each week. Read this section before you get started with your weekly workouts.

Coach's Notes

  • You're covering more ground now and your running time is getting seriously significant. Way to go! 

  • Be careful not to go any further than prescribed in distance or minutes

  • How are you feeling? Time to be honest. Running is soooo personal. Be kind to your body. 

  • If you're experiencing persistent unpleasant discomforts, we need to consider dialing back your progressions to make your experience comfortable and positive


  • Pay attention to aches and discomforts and rate them on a scale of 1-10 

  • A 1 or 2 is probably okay and simply your body adjusting to these physical demands 

  • If it increases to 3 or 4, start paying closer attention 

  • If it continues to increase to a 5 or 6, it may be time to re-adjust your program 

  • You may have missed some days, need new shoes or should be running on a softer surface 

Quick Tips

Training Schedule

Week 7

  • Total time: 46 minutes



    • Run 1 minute. Walk 1 minute.

    • Run 3 minutes. Walk 1 minute.

    • Run 5 minutes. Walk 1 minute.

    • Run 8 minutes. Walk 1 minute.

    • Run 3 minutes. Walk 1 minute.

    • Run 1 minute.


  • Total time: 44 minutes



    • Run 3 minutes. Walk 1 minute.

    • Do this 6 times.