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Run Strong

Week 2

Detailed Advice


As always, don't forget to include dynamic exercises in your warm-up and static stretches in your cool-down! 

Pace is personal. What does that mean? Try not to worry about "how fast" you run. "NO STRAIN" – these are my favourite words. Let your rhythm and fitness progress gradually and come naturally as you feel. You'll understand this better with consistency over these next few weeks.

Pacing Guidelines

Stay at a comfortable talking pace during your warm-ups, cool-downs and for all steady runs. Keep that short little swing of the arms, tight to your sides and elbows bent at 90 degrees. Maintain a nice light quick turnover with the legs. Very little knee lift. Short stride (most people tend to over-stride). Your feet should land on your mid-foot directly under your base of support - under your hips. More like a shuffle. 

Change-of-Pace Intervals

"Brisk run" means your pace should be quick, but still reasonably comfortable – just slightly faster than a talking pace. You'll learn to adjust that pace according to the length of the intervals, and that takes time to figure out.


Last week you made a start by alternating 1 minute of brisk running with 2 minutes of a walk/run recovery. This week you'll have fun with what is called a "ladder" - a variety of intervals starting with 1 minute, climbing to 3 minutes and back down again.  Try to run a little above a talking pace for those brisk intervals, and then take the 2 minute recovery in between as you feel.


Slow down and walk a bit (maybe for a minute), then shuffle for the 2nd minute. The idea is that you need to recover and feel ready for your next brisk interval. Remember - if this is your first time trying change-of-pace brisk intervals. Take it easy and enjoy the variety. Don't push too hard - "no strain!"

Good stuff! You're all set.

When you've caught up on the detailed advice for this week, you're ready to get running.

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