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Going Beyond
the Frame

Run Easy

Week 7

Bread and Butter

"The two rules of perseverance: Rule #1 – Take one more step. Rule #2 – When you don't think you can take one more step, refer to Rule #1."

H. Jackson Brown Jr.

The Weekly Preamble

Get notes, techniques and quick tips to help you feel your best and get the most out of your runs each week. Read this section before you get started with your weekly workouts.

Coach's Notes

  • Time for "Bread and Butter" – one of my personal favourite go-to sessions 

  • I call it this because it's a basic benchmark feel-good session that has all the elements of a perfect middle-distance prep session 

  • The "decreasing ladder" format is mentally pleasing because it allows you to adjust your pace as the time element of the intervals decreases 

  • You will learn to run faster as you descend the ladder.

Quick Tips

  • Bonus video tip – learn how to run faster with your rhythm and arm action. NO strain! 

  • Notice your recovery time is a little less now too. Woo hoooo you are ready!


Detailed Advice

Get more out of your runs this week with additional techniques and tips.

Training Schedule

Week 7

  • Total time: 48 minutes


    • Walk comfortably for 5 minutes.

    • Run easy peasy for 10 minutes.

    • Do more dynamic stretches.

    • Take a few extra minutes to find your focus.


    • 3 min Brisk Run + 1 min Recovery Walk/Run

    • 2 min BR + 1 min RWR.

    • 1 min BR + 1 min RWR.

    • Repeat 2 times.


    • Run easy peasy for 10 minutes, or any combination you feel.

    • Static stretches to finish.

  • Total time: 40-50+ minutes



    • Run for 30-40 minutes steady.

    • OR alternate "10-and-1s" 3 or 4 times.

    • If this is your first time through, do the shorter option.


  • Total time: 50-60+ minutes



    • Run 40-50 minutes steady.

    • OR alternate "10-and-1s" 4 or 5 times.

    • If this is your first time through, do the shorter run option.


When you've successfully completed all 3 sessions this week and are feeling good, you're ready for Week 8!

Smiles and have a great week with Bread and Butter!

Coach Lynn

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