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Going Beyond
the Frame

Run Strong

Week 1

Let's Get Started

"There are no limits except those you place on yourself."

Author Unknown

The Weekly Preamble

Notes, techniques and quick tips to help you feel your best and get the most out of your runs each week. Read this section before you get started with your weekly workouts.

Coach's Notes

  • Pre-requisite: You've completed Run Easy program or are comfortable running 3 times a week for periods of 30 minutes or more 

  • This 8-week program will help you become stronger, more efficient, and maybe even faster 

  • I've got a lot to say, especially in the first few weeks, to share all the info I'd give you in person and give you all the tools to be the best runner you can be 

  • Feeling unsure? Make sure you watch my coaching videos and read my detailed advice for the best possible experience.

Quick Tips

  • Video tip – Arms are Everything

  • Stay comfortable – most people do too much, too fast, too soon  

  • Schedule your 3 workout days in advance each week to make a strong start


Detailed Advice

Get more out of your runs this week with additional techniques and tips.

Training Schedule

Week 1

  • Total time: 50 minutes


    • Run slow & easy for 10 minutes.

    • Take a few extra minutes to find your focus.


    • Brisk run for 1 minute. Run slow and easy for 2 minutes.

    • Do this 10 times.


  • Total time: 30-40 minutes



    • Run for 20 minutes steady and comfortable.

    • OR alternate "10-and-1s" 2 or 3 times as you feel.


  • Total time: 35-45 minutes



    • Run 25-35 minutes steady and comfortable.

    • OR alternate "10-and-1s" 2 or 3 time as you feel.


Let's get to it! When you complete all 3 sessions this week, you'll be ready for Week 2.

Smiles and have a great week!

Coach Lynn

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