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Going Beyond
the Frame

Run Strong

Week 3

Stay With It

"A winner's strongest muscle is her heart."

Cassie Campbell, Gold Medalist in hockey

The Weekly Preamble

Notes, techniques and quick tips to help you feel your best and get the most out of your runs each week. Read this section before you get started with your weekly workouts.

Coach's Notes

  • Day 1 with brisk intervals will always be the hardest day of your week 

  • Day 2 is always the easiest day of the week to aid in recovery from Day 1 

  • Day 3 is always a moderate day to build your confidence and lock in the pattern 

  • Interval training is a combination of increased effort and recovery periods. The important part is the contrast in effort between the two periods.

Quick Tips


Detailed Advice

Get more out of your runs this week with additional techniques and tips.

Training Schedule

Week 3

  • Total time: 52 minutes


    • Run slow & easy for 10 minutes.

    • Take a few extra minutes to find your focus.


    • 2 min Brisk Run + 2 min Recovery Walk/Run.

    • Do this 8 times. 


  • Total time: 35-45 minutes



    • Run 25-35 minutes steady and comfortable.

    • OR alternate "10-and-1s" 2 or 3 times as you feel. 

    • Choose less volume if you're preparing for the 5K, more if you're preparing for the 10K.


  • Total time: 45-55 minutes



    • Run 35-45 minutes steady and comfortable.

    • OR alternate "10-and-1s" 3 or 4 times as you feel.


There's a lot of info this week. Try not to be overwhelmed! Just try to take it all in and apply what makes sense for you. All of this takes time - weeks and even years - to develop.

Smiles and have a great week!

Coach Lynn

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