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Sprint Triathlon

Week 1

The Preamble

The Sprint-Tri Journey is a great one – but it’s demanding because there are 3 events! You already know this, BUT it’s important to recognize it and truly decide for yourself you want to do this.

Before you get started, watch a short video from me about what to expect with training for a sprint triathlon.

It means sourcing a pool, a gym with a stationary spin bike, a personal road bike for riding outside, and a good pair of running shoes. You’ve got a good program here to follow now, but that means finding time to complete at least most of the prescribed sessions.

You’ll notice we are training every day except Friday… “Freedom Friday” is a much needed rest day, but the other days of the week you’ll have training to complete. So pencil in your workouts like you do other important appointments in your week and resolve to stick with it… otherwise you can’t expect to be prepared.


The variety in the different events is truly healthy and fun but each discipline involves different skills and effort. Most find the swim the most difficult… perhaps you will need to source a group or even a private coach if you are not already comfortable doing SOME swimming… The workouts you’ll find interesting and effective and certainly you will become fitter and stronger but they are not full of technical coaching advice.


Your riding workouts are also full of variety and intervals. Do pay attention to the descriptions for the Zones you should be in so that there is pace change and recovery.


The Run is a Progressive LearnToRun program in which the run time gradually increases while the walk-recovery time gradually decreases. DO stick to the program so that your body and mind become used the impact of running.


A reminder to make sure your training sessions include a warm-up and cool-down with exercises that that follow a logical progression head-to-toe. It’s easy to skip this important portion because of time pressures, but remember, warming up and cooling down are key to avoiding injury and minimizing muscle soreness.


Perform a general dynamic body warm-up – moving arms legs and trunk continuously to get the blood flowing faster.


Identify your larger running muscles and key body parts: calf, hamstring, quadriceps, I-T bands, groin, hip flexors, lower back and shoulders. Hold stretches for each grouping for a good 10-20 secs. for a nice static stretch.

As always, after every session you should feel as though you could do more. This is not a performance program… this is a Beginner Program for those who would like to safely and comfortably complete their First Sprint Triathlon. And your journey has now officially begun!

Your Weekly

Workout Schedule

  • Run Training

    Total time: 31 minutes


    • Walk slow and easy for 5 minutes.


    • Run for 2 minutes. Walk for 1 minute.

    • Do this 7 times.


    • Walk slow and easy for 5 minutes.

  • Bike Training

    Total time: 40 minutes

    Comfortable 40 min. ride as follows: Effort is easy within Zone 1-2 for the whole ride.  This will shake out the legs from your interval run session the day before and allow you to relax and enjoy your bike while spinning.


    • Easy 10 minutes in Zone 1.


    • 20 minute spin in Zone 2.

    • You’ll naturally pick it up once you’ve warmed up into Zone 2 with slightly increased breathing. 

    • Your pedaling cadence should settle in around 90 rpm’s (revolutions per minute).  If less the 90 rpm’s then switch to an easier gear (larger rings in the back).


    • Easy 10 minutes in Zone 1.

    • Make sure you dial it down for a cool-down, the same as you would for your run and swim. On a bike it’s easy to work harder, but I want you to always allow yourself cool-down time.

  • Swim Training

    Total distance: 800m


    • 100m easy swim (4 laps) in Zone 1.


    • 100m kick (4 laps) using a flutter board

    • 100m pull (4 laps) using a pull buoy

    • 8 x 50m (2 laps) brisk with 15 seconds rest between each interval


    • 100m easy swim (4 laps)

  • Run Training

    Total time: 32 minutes

    You’ll want to do more – or FEEL like you should do more – but please DON’T! Just stick with the program.


    • Walk slow and easy for 5 minutes.


    • Run 1 minute. Walk 1 minute.

    • Repeat 10 times.


    • Jog slow and easy for 5 minutes.