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Sprint Triathlon

Week 16

The Preamble

Woohoooo You’ve MADE it!  Congratulations – you can be so proud😊 You are fit and strong, in mind body and spirit – I know it! Enjoy the sense of accomplishment you feel now and soon you will discover and experience how great it feels when you cross the finish line of your Sprint Tri this week!

If you haven’t already done so… DO check out all the details of the Event Day itself: When does it start? Where do I park? Where do I pick up my number? Where do I leave my bike and running shoes? Where can my friends and family best watch me? Where is the Finish Line?  ALL the info will be there for you so  you can be organized ahead of Event Day.

Sip water throughout the day, try to make healthy food choices, and do try to get your rest.

SEE yourself strong and smiling as your cross that Finish Line in every workout this week!

Good Luck – Have Fun -  I’m SO HAPPY for you😊

Your Weekly

Workout Schedule

  • Rest Day

    No training today

    Today is a REST DAY from training, but could be an ACTIVE day with a yoga class or something non-weight bearing OTHER than Tri-Training, if you’d like. 

    Play catch or ride a bike with your kids. It's up to you – be creative!

  • Swim Training

    Total time: 15 minutes


    • Swim 100m easy and rest for 30 seconds.

    • Then swim 25m hard and rest for 30 seconds. Do this 3 times.

    • For the remainder of the workout, swim 100m followed by rest.

  • Bike Training

    Total time: 30 minutes


    • Easy 10 minutes in Zone 1.


    • Cycle for 15 mins, concentrating on the 9-to-3 drill:

      • Think of the pedal stroke as the face of a clock, with 12 at the top and 6 at the bottom

      • When the crankarms are both parallel to the ground they are at the 9 and 3 positions

      • For this drill, feel like you are moving your rear foot straight forward from the 9 to the 3 (you obviously won’t, but it will help fire some new muscles and help you cycle in large circles)

      • Every minute do this for several seconds, then take a break, and repeat


    • Easy 5 minutes in Zone 1. 

  • Run Training

    Total time: 25 minutes

    Final run!


    • Walk slow and easy for 5 minutes.


    • Run for 15 minutes.


    • Walk slow and easy for 5 minutes.