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Half Marathon

Phase 2

Detailed Advice

How you might be feeling

At this point, hopefully you're feeling great... But you may be feeling strangely tired and emotional. It's common to experience an unexpected roller coaster of emotions and it's most often directly proportional to your level of fatigue.

If you can, try and get some extra sleep and make sure you include down time in your week. Reading or watching a movie with your family is just what you need right now.

You may have some aches, pains and general fatigue, but hopefully they are minor (mostly a 2-4 on your personal discomfort scale, and certainly no more than a 5 and not growing).

You should be enjoying your increased confidence and seeing yourself as a distance runner with that Half Marathon distance becoming a reality in your near future.

Creating mental strength

This is the most demanding training phase in your program. For many of you, the volume on your long run days will be the hardest and longest you have ever pushed yourself, both mentally and physically. 

Stay comfortable and don't worry about your pace. If you push too hard, it will be too demanding and you are less likely to stay with the program.

Stay positive – "I can do this!" It's hard sometimes and some days are better than others, but again, if you've completed the sessions progressively, I know you can do it.

Your Event Day Dress Rehearsal

In this phase, you'll have 2 big volume weeks and will be reaching the maximum mileage you need to in preparation to safely – and comfortably – complete your Half Marathon distance.

In order to mentally prepare yourself for the big event, do a little research on the course that you will be completing by reviewing the website. Find out the number of water stations that will be set up along the route and the approximate distance between each station. It would be a good idea to chart our the water stations on your longest day to mimic event day.

Water stations

Charting out the water stations in advance will give you a focus while you run. Start with a plan to run from one water station to the next, with breaks at each station.

A good plan might be to drink water every 2km and/or a diluted electrolyte solution every 5-6km.

Event Websites

If you've entered an official event, their website should list what will be provided at the water stations – like water, sports drinks, and sometimes fuel replacement bars.

It's always good to find out ahead of time!

Take Breaks When You Need

Remember, this is fun! Our goal is about covering the distance, and if you find you need to walk sooner than the water station, no worries! Take breaks when you need them.

Take time to treat yourself

Every workout you complete is a celebration. Indulge yourself after your successful long session each week! After all, every building week is a milestone.

Celebrate after your long run with a massage, a glass of wine or piece of chocolate cake, and have some fun. Moderation is the key, but at the end of every training week, you deserve a celebration!

Good stuff! You're all set.

When you've caught up on the detailed advice for this phase, you're ready to get running.

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