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Going Beyond
the Frame

Phase 2

Half Marathon

The body does not want to do this. As you run, it tells you to stop, but you must be strong. It is the will to succeed.

Jacqueline Gareau, Canada's 1980 Boston Marathon Champ

Goals for this Phase

  1. Become more mentally comfortable with the longer workouts.

  2. Stay committed to your routine of training, rest and good nutrition.

  3. Prepare for completing your distance with mental positivity and event rehearsals.

  4. Successfully complete one of your longest training sessions of the program.

Putting it all together

Detailed Coaching Advice

You're right in the middle of it, putting in the hard work and adding volume to your runs. In this phase, you'll complete your longest training sessions of the program – check in for a little extra guidance before you get started.

Run with friends

It helps to have the camaraderie of a group. If you are on your own with this commitment, try to find a friend or family member to ride a bike with you so you have company to chat and pass the time out there together.

Try deep-water running

Keep your body afloat in the deep end of a pool using a running action with your arms and legs. If it's not familiar to you, wear a flotation belt. Great for sore muscles, fatigue and general strength building.

Change the terrain

Take a break from the impact of running on asphalt – find some grass or trails. Consider finding a new route – it's motivating to run in new places, like a park or trail system you've never seen before.

Cross train

Find different ways to exercise and move your body to supplement your training. Spinning on an indoor bike or an elliptical trainer will continue to build strength without the impact. Get creative!

Tips to help stay commited

Get creative with your training to stay motivated and engage your bodies in new ways.

Final thoughts for Phase 2

How you feel when you run can ebb and flow – both daily and within the runs themselves. Sometimes you will feel great, other times not so much. Stay strong in your mind. Physically you are working through the sessions, but it's the strength in your mind that is your driving force.

Think about your rhythm – your cadence – and focus on your arms to help you keep your turnover. Sometimes it helps to take a walk or stretch break. Even a few minutes can make a big difference to settling your system and finding your rhythm again. 

Avid runners, remember you can always go to magical 10-and-ones or take a walk break at any time if it might feel better. Remember too that the purpose of brisk intervals is to take you above your "talking pace" so that you'll be able to relax and be more efficient at your Half Marathon pace.

Some of you will take a very methodical approach, sticking to a set amount of running – 10, 15, 20 or 30-minute stints with a 1-minute walk break. What's important is finding what's best for you. Remember, there is no right or wrong way to approach the finish line.

Phase 2

Workout Schedule

Week 5

Taking a little breather this week for some much needed recovery.

Well-deserved Recovery

Week 6

Back to building in additional running volume into your training.

Building Volume

Week 7

Easing off just a little bit in preparation for a big week ahead.

Moderate Recovery

Week 8

The most running volume of the training program. You're ready!

Peak Volume

You are truly reaching a new level of fitness. When you complete this phase, the physical work is done. All that's important is REST. You've put in a lot of work and should be feeling very good about how far you've come.

Coach Lynn

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