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Going Beyond
the Frame

Phase 3

Half Marathon

The only limits in life are those you place on yourself.

Author Unknown

Goals for this Phase

  1. To safely complete a Half Marathon event in a way that's right for YOU.

    Some of you will run steadily, others will use a familiar walk/run pattern, and others will run as you feel, taking walk breaks when necessary.

Putting it all together

Detailed Coaching Advice

Race day is approaching and you're likely feeling a little nervous! Check in for a few final coaching tips to guide you through final preparations, race day and beyond.

Phase 3

Workout Schedule

Week 9

We're taking it easy this week in preparation for the big run.

Easy Recovery

Week 10

The time has arrived! Have fun on your run – you've earned it.

Event Week

It's been my pleasure to guide you to this Half Marathon distance. I know what it takes, and you've done it! Be proud of yourself and truly appreciate what you have achieved – it's beyond what most could ever imagine. You're now a member of a very special club – congratulations!

Coach Lynn

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